P22 - Statistical Analysis of the Aerodynamics of Voiced Stop Closures

Maria Da Conceição Lopes Costa
Speech and Hearing Sciences is a broad and interdisciplinary field that integrates knowledge of acoustics and aerodynamics of speech production and speech perception, that is the basis of a systemic view of speech, language and hearing disorders in special populations. Views of the laryngeal feature of contrast for stops have been considerably enriched by new acoustic and articulatory phonetics evidence which strengthened arguments that in some languages, stop voicing is phonologically active
more » ... d in others, it is passive [1] . A clear relation between phonetic cues and phonological processes that support this, has yet to be found.
doi:10.34624/jshd.v1i1.2737 fatcat:ot7yckcx6rbf3caerltostrnpy