The Impacts of Knowledge Component on Resistance Economy of Nahjolbalaghe Perspective

Abolfazl Shahabadi, Zeinab Zarrin Na'l
2019 Quarterly Journal of the Macro and Strategic Policies  
The endogeneity and outward-looking of the economy are two important factors of general policies of the resistive economy. Because of the importance of this topic, the effects of the endogenous economy on strengthening the Iran outward-oriented economy are investigated during the period of 1978-2015 by using the Vector auto regression (VAR) approach. Based on the results, in the long-term, the rise in the index of the endogenous economy, strengthening of the real exchange rate, and increase in
more » ... he ratio of export goods prices to import goods' will strengthen Iran outward-oriented economy. But increasing in the share of spending on research and development from GDP has decreased the outward-oriented economy. In the short-term and by creating a positive shock on the endogenous economy, the outward-oriented economy fell slightly in the second year, but the effects turned into the positive in the third year. Based on the analysis of variance in the long-term, about 60% of variations on the outward-oriented economy is explained by it, 10% by the endogenous economy, 9.38% by the real exchange rate, 5.12% by the ratio of export goods price to import goods', and 0.18% by research and development expenditure.
doi:10.32598/jmsp.6.special.issue.808 fatcat:7vh2jgvxdjb6fl34vuoo5nmzgy