Homeschooling, democracy, and regulation: An essay review of Homeschooling: The history and philosophy of a controversial practice

Michael W. Apple
2020 Education Review  
Prologue The essay review that follows this prologue was written before the COVID-19 crisis emerged with such devastating consequences in the United States and many other nations. This crisis has transformed the lives and realities of huge numbers of people. Such pandemics are in some ways equalizers. Illness and death are faced by people across the economic spectrum. But let us also remember that these realities are still strikingly unequal. Minoritized and poor people are much more apt to
more » ... uch more apt to suffer the worst consequences of the disease, not only in health care, but in all aspects of their lives. People living in refugee camps, slums, poor rural and urban communities, war zones, and so many other places face the pandemic under very different conditions than those who are more affluent and more secure.
doi:10.14507/er.v27.2931 fatcat:qqzw3mm7bfhl7ak7vegqbnwxca