Investigation Of The Synthesis Of Alcohols Byproducts In Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis On Modified Fe-Cu Catalyst: Reactivity And Mechanism

Wanyu Mao, Qiwen Sun, Weiyong Ying, Dingye Fang
2011 Zenodo  
The influence of copper promoters and reaction conditions on the formation of alcohols byproducts of a common Fischer-Tropsch synthesis used iron-based catalysts were investigated. A good compromise of 28%Cu/FeKLaSiO2 can lead to the optimization of an improved Fischer-Tropsch catalyst. The product distribution shifts towards hydrocarbons with increasing the reaction temperature, while pressure promotes the formation of alcohols. It was found that the production of either alcohols or
more » ... s followed A-S-F distributions, and their α parameters were essentially different which indicated a competition in the growing chain between the two species. TPD after acetaldehyde adsorption gave strong evidence of the insertion of a C1 oxygen-containing species into an alkyl chain.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1081891 fatcat:zyh2kz37ozcwlgyr6xldabkory