Application-specific models and pointcuts using a logic metalanguage

Johan Brichau, Andy Kellens, Kris Gybels, Kim Mens, Robert Hirschfeld, Theo D'Hondt
2008 Computer languages, systems & structures  
In contemporary aspect-oriented languages, pointcuts are usually specified directly in terms of the structure of the source code. The definition of such low-level pointcuts requires aspect developers to have a profound understanding of the entire application's implementation and often leads to complex, fragile, and hard to maintain pointcut definitions. To resolve these issues, we present an aspect-oriented programming system that features a logic-based pointcut language that is open such that
more » ... t can be extended with application-specific pointcut predicates. These predicates define an application-specific model that serves as a contract that base-program developers provide and aspect developers can depend upon. As a result, pointcuts can be specified in terms of this more high-level model of the application which confines all intricate implementation details that are otherwise exposed in the pointcut definitions themselves.
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:zup5z4cosre33pefilzyl5mghi