Genetic Characteristics of Acidovorax citrulli Population Causing Bacterial Fruit Blotch against Cucurbits in Korea
국내 박과 작물에서 과실썩음병을 일으키는 Acidovorax citrulli 집단의 유전적 특성

Jeong Young Song, Su Yeon Park, Mun Won Seo, Myeong Hyeon Nam, Hyoun Sub Lim, Seong-Chan Lee, Youn Su Lee, Hong Gi Kim
2015 Research in Plant Disease  
Acidovorax citrulli, the causal agent of bacterial fruit blotch, has caused an economically destructive damage in cucurbits cultivation fields worldwide. To consider more effective disease management, 33 A. citrulli isolates collected from various cucurbits in Korea were analysed by multi-locus phylogeny using five conserved loci (16S rRNA, adk, gltA, glyA, pilT). Two distinct groups (KCC1 and KCC2) in the population were identified on the base of group-specific genetic variation. Out of them,
more » ... tion. Out of them, the predominant group was KCC2 and both groups included isolates from melon, cucumber and watermelon. Sixty-four percent of KCC1 isolates were recovered from non-watermelon hosts and seventy-two percent of KCC2 isolates from watermelon. This study presented that there was genetic differentiation among A. citrulli population in Korea. Also, these results will be applied as a very useful data in effective disease management.
doi:10.5423/rpd.2015.21.2.082 fatcat:2k3z6vz4rbdzxdt3zkkqlbyk2e