Formation of micro-patterned cellular chips by ion-beam irradiation into Poly-L-lactic acid

Toshiyuki Tanaka, Katsumi Uchida, Hirofumi Yajima, Hiroshi Toida, Rena Ujiie, Yoshiaki Suzuki
2007 Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan  
We performed H+, H 2 + and He+ ion-beam irradiation into biodegradable polymer sheets of Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) at an energy of 150 keV with a fluence of 1 x 10 15 ions/cm 2 . The irradiated surface was investigated by means ofFT-IR-ATR, Raman spectroscopy, and a contact angle meter. Ion-beam irradiated layer was exfoliated from the substrate in a water solution, and thin films were obtained. Next, H+, H 2 + and He+ ion-beam irradiation was performed at an energy of 150 keV with a fluence of
more » ... V with a fluence of 1 xl0 15 ions/cm 2 with a stainless-steel mask on the sample surface. We fixed the sheets to the bottom of a cell culture dish and seeded mouse fibroblast (L929) cells on the sample surface. These cells attached and spread on the micro-patterned domains, and the domains spontaneously exfoliated from the substrate. Consequently, micro-patterned cellular chips were obtained. These techniques and production methods are expected to apply to scaffolds, artificial organs and cell diagnosis tools.
doi:10.14723/tmrsj.32.929 fatcat:4v4t2n5etzf7fehtfs2f2xhc5q