A Dwelling at Chester Hill, Mt. Vernon, N. Y

1893 Scientific American  
Height of ceilings: C€llar, 7 ft.; first story, 10 ft.; second, warm gray. The roof is cedar.shingled, and painted dark We publish on page 82 a dwelling, showing a good de-9 ft.; third, 8 ft. 6 in. The interior throughout is trimmed red; the blinds are also dark red, and are operated by the sign and plan, which has been recently erected for D. H. with antique oak. The floors are of oak, laid in narrow "Mallory shutter worker." The interior is plastered with McKay, Esq. , at Boston, Mass.
more » ... oston, Mass. Foundation, stonc. widths. Vestibule has a tiled floor, and a paneled wall adamant,gray finish, and trimmed throughout with North Underpinning, local stone laid up at random. The exterior and ceiling of oak. The hall is the most elegant apart-Carolina pine, natural wood, hard finish. The kitchen has framework is sheathed, papered, and clapboarded on ment. The ceiling is heavily beamed, and the walls are range, boiler, etc. , and is finished entire in North Carolina
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