Productivity and quality of grapevine yield when using micronutrient fertilizers of new generation in the conditions of Crimea

Natalia Aleynikova, Evgenia Galkina, Pavel Didenko, Vladimir Andreev, Carina Zaripova, V. Likhovskoi, V. Novello, V. Volynkin, V. Kukhar, A.M. Jordão
2021 BIO Web of Conferences  
The article presents the results of studies of 2019-2020, carried out in the soil and climatic conditions of Crimean Mountain-valley viticultural zone on table grape variety 'Italia'. It was experimentally determined that five-fold foliar treatment of grape plantations with gel fertilizers has led to a significant increase in the average length of annual shoots by 15 cm (9.2%) and an increase in the green matter of bushes by 165.1 cm3 (9.1%). It was found that using of preparations of
more » ... al system of mineral nutrition manufactured by Agrinos and Lima-Europe companies during two growing seasons of grape plants has led to an increase in the average bunch weight by 42.9 g (7.4%), shoot productivity by 8.1% and an increase in the cropping capacity by 1.8 t/ha (10.2%) in comparison with the control. Using of the studied mineral gel fertilizers against the background of increasing grape productivity did not affect the process of sugar accumulation and the level of titratable acids. The studies showed that two-year fertilizer utilization of the studied system of mineral nutrition contributed to a significant increase in organoleptic characteristics of table grapes.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20213904004 fatcat:dhei6zuj2bcdxnla3skxluyhbe