William Moore
1891 The Lancet  
421 in the insane. Both children and the insane are deficient in habits of cleanliness, which offers so great a preservative from infection by entozoa. It is said that Liebig measured the degree of civilisation of a people by the quantity of soap .consumed per head of its population ; and I think that the time will come when the degree of civilisation of a people will be estimated in proportion to the rarity of entozoal diseases among its members. Indeed, the main measures of prevention for the
more » ... greater part of entozoa concern personal rules respecting the manner of living, eating, drinking, and washing, which generally agree pretty closely among the more refined civilised people.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)02263-8 fatcat:i5hmhchvifdxngmp6nqssn24b4