G626 Use of long acting guanfacine in adhd and assessing the comorbidity and parents' perceptions

C Yemula, S Ajmal, R Sesham, T Banerjee
2020 Abstracts   unpublished
Advances in technology and the neuroscience has made it possible for us to understand to a large extent the fundamentals behind the increasing behavioural problems in children. Focus will be on the aetiology -the root causes of changing behavioral profile of the young. The study of the variations in the brain biology that allows cognitive abilities to develop through literature search. This needs to take centre stage in formulation of health care policies. Object should be to identify adverse
more » ... identify adverse factors. Addressing the environmental factors that determine the biological processes involved in the development of criminal psychological traits, and corresponding adaptation of the clincial care pathways will be the most effective and cost efficient approach for the best outcome for the individuals and the society at large. Deterrants by way of force will only partially succeed in suppressing street crimes, as the call is to influence the brains of the developing children. It is our professional responsisbility to aim for the best outcome for the individual child and the society at large.
doi:10.1136/archdischild-2020-rcpch.540 fatcat:hvrqo6qc65gx7ocjmy27qdwa5m