Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Algorithm Based on the Rolling Guidance Filter

敏 李, 峰 陈, 晓华 邱, 乐 马
2020 Infrared Technoiogy  
Abstract:For the fusion of infrared and visible images, it is easy to produce problems such as missing detail information and suppressing less noise. In this paper, an improved fusion algorithm is proposed by applying the characteristics of a rolling guidance filter, which preserves edge and local brightness. First, the input images are decomposed into base and detail layers by mean filtering. Second, the saliency maps of the input images are obtained by combining the rolling guidance and
more » ... guidance and Gaussian filters. The weight maps are then optimized by guided filters of different scales. The optimized maps are used to instruct the fusion of the base and detail layers. Finally, the fused image is reconstructed by combining the merged sub-images. The method of this paper is superior on the six indicators, such as nonlinear correlation information entropy and phase consistency, compared to the classical methods such as non-subsampled contourlet transform(NSCT), image fusion with guided filtering(GFF), and two-scale image fusion based on visual saliency(TSIFVS). Key words:the rolling guidance filter(RGF), the saliency features, image fusion, edge preserving filter, weight map 0 引言 图像融合本质上是一种图像增强技术,旨在通过 提取不同传感器(如红外与可见光)或同种传感器采 集的图像(如多聚焦图像)的互补信息进行融合,生 成信息更丰富、图像特征更多的融合图像。红外与可 见光图像融合技术是当前图像融合领域研究的热点 之一。红外传感器通过捕捉目标的热辐射信息,可生 成黑暗和雨雾等恶劣气候条件下的图像,图像中红外 目标突出,但空间分辨率较低、细节信息较少,而场 景对应的可见光图像纹理、边缘等细节信息丰富,分 辨率较高。故综合这两类图像的互补信息,可生成一
doi:10.3724/sp.j.7100840886 fatcat:q2c3wsv7fna3ho2fc6cfy5pn4m