The Period-Luminosity Relation for Cepheids in Globular Clusters

B. V. Kukarkin, A. S. Rastorgouev
1973 International Astronomical Union Colloquium  
The period-luminosity relation for Cepheids in globular clusters has been investigated many times (e.g. Fernie, 1964; Kwee, 1968; Frolov, 1970; Demers, 1971).The method of determination of the apparent distance moduli was recently revised by Kukarkin and Russev (1972). Instead of using a single absolute magnitude for RR Lyrae variables, the magnitudes according to pulsation theory (Christy, 1966, 1971) were adopted. The inhomogeneity of the absolute magnitudes of the RR Lyrae variables had
more » ... variables had already been established long ago (Pavlovskaya, 1953), but it attracted attention only recently. The different methods for determining the distance moduli of globular clusters were calibrated according to the new absolute magnitudes of the RR Lyrae variables. The problem consisted in the determination of the absolute magnitudes of the Cepheids in globular clusters according to the apparent distance moduli.
doi:10.1017/s0252921100033509 fatcat:22wjrbrzz5g5xe3nux2brq2kyi