Variation in Productivity and Energy Use in Rice-Wheat System under Different Establishment Methods

Sh weta, Manu Malik, S.K. Saini, A.K. Bhardwaj
2017 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
Conventional crop establishment methods such as puddled transplanting in rice-wheat system in the Indo-Gangetic plains (IGP) require a large amount of water and labor, both of which are increasingly becoming scarce and expensive. Efforts have been made to evaluate alternate crops establishment methods, which are more efficient in. A field experiment was conducted for two years to evaluate various crop planting methods in ricewheat system for their efficiency in labor, water and energy use and
more » ... nd energy use and economic profitability. The result revealed that rice were recorded statistically equal yields of in conventional puddle, hand transplanting, machine transplanting, direct seeding of sprouted rice and dry seed methods. The difference between wheat establishments methods were significant, puddle transplanting requires 35-40 % more irrigation water than no tillage direct seeded rice. In first year, mechanical transplanting (MT) rice had a higher net return than the direct seeded rice, where as in second year, direct seeded rice had a higher net return as compared to other treatments. The study showed that the conventional practice of puddle transplanting could be replaced with direct seeded methods to save inputs. However, the occurrence and distribution of rainfall during the cropping season had considerable influence on the savings in irrigation water. K e y w o r d s Direct seeded rice, Establishment methods, Mechanical transplanting, Rice, Wheat.
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2017.609.344 fatcat:4yzfvq7kyrde3gg36nfobzmyle