Synthesis of arylamines and N-heterocycles by direct catalytic nitrogenation using N2

Kai Wang, Zi-Hao Deng, Si-Jun Xie, Dan-Dan Zhai, Hua-Yi Fang, Zhang-Jie Shi
2021 Nature Communications  
AbstractAmmonia and nitric acid are two key platform chemicals to introduce nitrogen atoms into organic molecules in chemical industry. Indeed, nitric acid is mostly produced through the oxidation of ammonia. The ideal nitrogenation would involve direct use of dinitrogen (N2) as a N source to construct N-containing organic molecules. Herein, we report an example of direct catalytic nitrogenation to afford valuable diarylamines, triarylamines, and N-heterocycles from easily available
more » ... ailable organohalides using dinitrogen (N2) as the nitrogen source in a one-pot/two-step protocol. With this method, 15N atoms are easily incorporated into organic molecules. Structurally diversified polyanilines are also generated in one pot, showing great potential for materials chemistry. In this protocol, lithium nitride, generated in situ with the use of lithium as a reductant, is confirmed as a key intermediate. This chemistry provides an alternative pathway for catalytic nitrogenation to synthesize highly valuable N-containing chemicals from dinitrogen.
doi:10.1038/s41467-020-20270-5 pmid:33431885 fatcat:5ie4z5lxqbgplazbvby7awmjfy