Geoturystyczne obiekty Czech (zachodnia część Republiki Czeskiej) [unknown]

Aneta Marek, Ireneusz Olszak, Michal Skalka
The article presents selected geotouristic attractions of the Czech Republic. Bohemia is one of the physico-geographical regions of the Czech Republic. It is located in the western part of the Czech Republic. The diversification of the geotouristic values of the the country is the result of the diversity of the geological structure of the area and the geomorphological processes taking place there. The aim of this article is to present selected geological and geomorphological sites including
more » ... sites including underground forms, such as caves and surface forms, such as boulders, rock debris and geological exposures. Hydrographic objects such as waterfalls, springs and peat bogs were also presented. In recent years, the geotourism facilities of the Czech Republic have become (more and more) increasingly popular with tourists. They are also used for educational (teaching) purposes.
doi:10.34858/spg.15.2018.003 fatcat:sb3melopsvgzdcw3p3ywzzzxmq