Topology-Transparent Scheduling in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks With Multiple Packet Reception Capability

Yiming Liu, Victor O. K. Li, Ka-Cheong Leung, Lin Zhang
2014 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications  
Recent advances in the physical layer have enabled wireless devices to have multiple packet reception (MPR) capability, which is the capability of decoding more than one packet, simultaneously, when concurrent transmissions occur. In this paper, we focus on the interaction between the MPR physical layer and the medium access control (MAC) layer. Some random access MAC protocols have been proposed to improve the network performance by exploiting the powerful MPR capability. However, there are
more » ... y few investigations on the schedule-based MAC protocols. We propose a novel m-MPR-l-code topology-transparent scheduling ((m, l)-TTS) algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks with MPR, where m indicates the maximum number of concurrent transmissions being decoded, and l is the number of codes assigned to each user. Our algorithm can take full advantage of the MPR capability to improve the network performance. The minimum guaranteed throughput and average throughput of our algorithm are studied analytically. The improvement of our (m, l)-TTS algorithm over the conventional topology-transparent scheduling algorithms with the collision-based reception model is linear with m. The simulation results show that our proposed algorithm performs better than slotted ALOHA as well. Index Terms-Medium access control (MAC), multiple packet reception (MPR), topology-transparent scheduling (TTS).
doi:10.1109/twc.2014.2358644 fatcat:7za37jdtfbaixmj2ai7pp65x6q