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Akriti Goel Counsellor, Sunayna Bardhan, Akriti Goel, Sunayna Bardhan
2016 unpublished
The present study examined the effect of Stress on Self-efficacy and Emotional Intelligence among College Students of humanities and sciences. Stress is how individual's body response to pressure caused by a particular situation, such as a test, that requires you to adjust or respond. Stress can refer to the stimulus that causes person to react-such as the test. For example, if you feel yourself getting anxious and nervous about a test, the test is a stressor. Your reaction to the test can be
more » ... o the test can be thought of as stress. You are worried about the test, and you are exhibiting stress by feeling anxious and nervous (Miller, 2010). Self-efficacy is the individuals' assessment of their capabilities to organize and execute actions required to achieve successful levels of performance (Bandura, 1986). Emotional intelligence is defined as the composite set of capabilities that enable a person to manage himself/herself and others (Cited in, Singh, and Chauhan, 2013). The present study attempts to assess the effect of stress on self-efficacy and emotional intelligence among 200 college students for which the data was divided into two groups i.e. 100 humanity students consisting 50 males and 50 females and 100 science students consisting of 50 males and 50 females randomly selected from private and government colleges and hospitals in Tricity. The T-Test was applied for the purpose of statistical interpretation to the test. Results indicate that females being higher on stress are low on self-efficacy and males being lower on stress are higher on self-efficacy showing not much difference in their emotional intelligence level in case of humanities whereas in case of sciences results indicated that that females' being higher on stress does not affect their self-efficacy and emotional intelligence. Likewise a male being low on stress does not affect their emotional intelligence and self-efficacy. Further research however, is needed to comprehend the same.