Review: Anaerobic Biotechnology for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Reena Ambreen, Shabbir Hussain, Sadaf Sarfraz
2018 International Journal of Economic and Environment Geology  
There has been the microbiological formation of methane since ages in many diverse habitats such as paddies, marshes, hot springs, benthic deposits, deep ocean trenches, pigs, trees, cattle, termites, iguanas and human beings. Anaerobic digestion has been proved as the most appropriate technique for the treatment of high strength organic effluents. This technique is more reliable and advanced as compared to the conventional water treatment procedures. It uses very less amount of chemicals and
more » ... of chemicals and treats the wastes in a facile and effective manner and has been considered as an attractive option for effluents treatment. The anaerobic technology causes the decrease of high level of waste materials and different reactors were developed for this particular purpose. It generates best level of fuels used as biogas. The biogas produced in anaerobic digestion burns cleanly and the biogas plants make more energy than they consume to operate, whereas the energy produced by aerobic digestion is very much lower than that produced by anaerobic digestion.
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