Do Community Food Security Assessments Contribute to a Reduction in Food Insecurity at the County Level? [thesis]

John D. Buschman
vi DEDICATION I dedicate this dissertation to my late parents Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Buschman who followed this path six decades before me, when research was done spending endless nights in carrels and stacks, when statistical calculations were made with a slide rule, and when documents were produced through an unforgiving, mechanical process on a preelectronic version of a machine known as a typewriter. I honor my family pioneers of The Greatest Generation who did it the hard way, surviving
more » ... Oklahoma Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, WWII, and a doctoral research and dissertation writing process that current generations cannot begin to fathom. I greatly appreciate the many valuable lessons they provided and the encouragement they gave me, even in their final few years, to pursue my own dreams so much later in life than they did themselves.
doi:10.25148/etd.fidc006541 fatcat:ryvujj5ar5aqhnv5luebfmnpue