Statistical Investigation of Different Slot Air-diffusers

Balázs Both, Zoltán Szánthó
2015 Energy Procedia  
In this paper different slot air-diffusers were investigated experimentally. Slot air-diffusers are widely used in several industrial and comfort type ventilated spaces. The air velocity and turbulence intensity distribution at air inlet can significantly determine the airflow characteristics in the occupied zone that influence thermal-and draught comfort. However, few references can be found in the literature investigating air inlet features statistically. Air velocity magnitude and turbulence
more » ... intensity -which significantly determines the airflow characteristics in room -were measured along the slot diffuser's length for three different constructions: 1-line, 2-lines and 3-lines slot diffusers with fixed and movable flow straighteners. Results showed that measured quantities belong to normal distribution and the air velocity and turbulence intensity distribution shows a nearly homogenous distribution along the slot diffuser's length. The measurements were performed at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in Ventilation Laboratory on fullscale models for a new product development by an external company. The main aim during the development was to reach a homogenous airflow in the occupied zone of the ventilated space where these air-diffusers are built.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2015.11.215 fatcat:5kcdrhrkpne2bdic35rqodlzxq