A short note on contexts and chronology of the materials from Saidu Sharif, Amluk-dara, Gumbat and Barikot (Swat)

Luca Maria Olivieri
The following note is meant to integrate the data of the materials discussed in three contributions published in this issue of «Restauro Archeologico» (Bonaduce et al., this issue; Festa, Pannuzi, this issue; Rosa et al., this issue; Zaminga et al., this issue)). The analysed materials were sampled from three Buddhist cultic complexes in the Swat Valley in the outer Gandharan region (nowadays in Pakistan). The three sites are Saidu Sharif I, Amluk-dara, and Gumbat. Other samples were taken from
more » ... les were taken from a votive chapel (Shrine 1023) of the urban settlement of Barikot in the Swat Valley. All the samples belong to the same chronological phase (3rd century CE).
doi:10.13128/ra-25032 fatcat:dxozbziulzen7hkh5loodjgvpu