Variation in the In Vitro Migration of Sensitized Guinea Pig Peritoneal Exudate Cells in the Presence of Coccidioidin

Ferne Zabezensky, William T. Northey
1974 Infection and Immunity  
Guinea pigs were immunized by intramuscular injection of arthrospores from the Mll strain of Coccidioides immitis, and the peritoneal exudate cells were harvested 4 to 6 weeks later. After incubation with various concentrations of coccidioidin in tissue culture, the area of all migration was measured. Results of this study indicate that at a critical level, a variance of 0.1 sg of antigen per ml, determined the difference between approximately 88% migration and 5% migration as compared with
more » ... s compared with control cells incubated in the absence of antigen. The concentration of antigen (ASU-9 stock coccidioidin concentrate) required to produce essentially complete inhibition of migration was determined to be 12.5 ,ug/ml.
doi:10.1128/iai.9.2.416-418.1974 fatcat:3bvzh77b35djxddkevostnmpwu