Jak się zmienia językowy obraz gołębia w polszczyźnie?

Laura Polkowska
2021 Jezyk Polski  
This scetch is dedicated to the reconstruction of a linguistic picture of a pigeon in Polish. The research mate-rial consists of lexicographic definitions, idioms, proverbs, derivative words and semantic neologisms, while the latest language data, represented by the texts of Internet comments, allow to reconstruct the most current components of the picture of this bird. The analysis shows that the positive picture of the pigeon as a faith-ful, gentle bird and a symbol of love and peace, is
more » ... ning to be replaced by the negative associations. The phrases gołąb to nie ptak ('pigeon is not a bird') and latający szczur ('a rat with wings') remove the pigeon outside the zoological class of birds and thus – give it a negative axiological characterization.
doi:10.31286/jp.101.1.4 fatcat:q44vz7jos5fttcnwfbn2t3s7zq