CORBA and MPI code coupling

S. P. Kopysov, I. V. Krasnopyorov, V. N. Rychkov
2006 Programming and computer software  
Coupling of application programs designed for multiprocessor computing systems requires simultaneous use of several paradigms implemented as communication middleware. In this paper, we propose a method of integration of MPI, which is widely used in scientific parallel computations, and CORBA, which is designed for the development of object-oriented applications. This makes it possible to assemble integrated software systems for interdisciplinary computations on heterogeneous multiprocessor
more » ... ms with the reuse of available application software. An example of inclusion of an MPI linear algebra package into a CORBAbased distributed object-oriented model for solving systems of equations is presented.
doi:10.1134/s0361768806050045 fatcat:nzzyyhwrcfda7dgnyyljyea3qy