Optimal fire extinction point selection in SIR fire model via Alt-PageRank

Ryotaro Sugano, Kazuma Sekiguchi, Kenichiro Nonaka
In this study, we consider fire extinction activities of forest fires using a group of UAVs. We consider which area is best for fire extinction. Alt-PageRank is used to find the optimal fire extinction point. Alt-PageRank is an index that determines the optimal control node in a network topology. The Alt-PageRank is calculated by considering the graph structure of the map where the fire is occurring, and the optimal fire extinction point is determined. A dynamics of fire spread is SIR model. In
more » ... the numerical simulation, we compared the case of randomly fire extinction and the case of using Alt-PageRank. As a result, the case using the proposed method reduced the fire spread by about 60. From this result, it can be said that the spread of fire is suppressed.
doi:10.11511/jacc.63.0_647 fatcat:oxckx43vtbdmra5hwhly6s3np4