Commissioning of the Compact 14MeV LINAC for an FEL-Based THz Source

Yuanji Pei, Lei Cao, Qushan Chen, Wei Chen, Guangyao Feng, Xiaoye He, Yilin Hong, Shengwei Hu, Tongning Hu, Guirong Huang, Dachun Jia, Kai Jin (+20 others)
Commissioning the compact LINAC of 14Mev for a THz source based on FEL Y.J.Pei National Synchrotron Radiation laboratory, University of Science & Technology of China Abstract The compact LINAC of 14MeV is designed for a FEL which will produce a THz radiation through 30μm to 300μm. The LINAC was composed of a novel EC-ITC-RF gun, constant gradient travelling wave accelerator with a collinear absorbing load, focusing system, RF power system, beam diagnostic system, vacuum system, control system
more » ... m, control system and so on. The LINAC was installed on November of 2014. Last year, we finished the install of the undulator and the optical resonance cavities. Now the LINAC has been testing and commissioning for THz radiation test. So far, the running beam parameters of the LINAC are as the following: Energy is of 13.58MeV macro pulse current is of 655mA macro pulse length of 1.2μsμpulse beam current is of 59A beam length of theμpulse is of 4ps energy spread of 0.33% normal beam emmitance is of 24.1mm.mrad.
doi:10.18429/jacow-linac2016-tuplr020 fatcat:xy6az4fazjgd5ksvbrpkswt4be