The November meeting in Pasadena

T. M. Putnam
1938 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
NOVEMBER MEETING IN PASADENA 9 15. Additional notes on the inversion of the Laplace transformation, by R. V. Churchill. (Abstract 43-11-394-/.) 16. A quadratic form problem in the calculus of variations, by A. A. Albert. (Abstract 43-11-395-/.) 17. Weakly complete Banach spaces, by H. H. Goldstine. (Abstract 43-11-396-/.) Abstract 43-11-404.) 2. Abstract residuation over lattices, by R. P. Dilworth. (Abstract 43-11-405.) 3. A formal expansion theory for functions defined by two variable power
more » ... wo variable power series, by N. A. Hall. (Abstract 43-11-406.) 4. A property of harmonic functions in three variables, by J. W. Green. (Abstract 43-11-407.) 5. Properties of invariant sets under pointwise periodic homeomorphisms, by D. W. Hall and G. E. Schweigert. (Abstract 43-11-408.) 6. A new fragment of Euclid's "Elements" (preliminary report), by A. 7. On the first case of Fermafs last theorem, by Glenn James.
doi:10.1090/s0002-9904-1938-06647-5 fatcat:oq2or2gtcvhvved7z2rnyy4zna