Characterization of the newly isolated antimicrobial strain Streptomyces goshikiensis YCXU

Muhammad Faheem, Waseem Raza, Zhao Jun, Sadaf Shabbir, Nasrin Sultana
A rhizosphere bacterial strain coded as Streptomyces goshikiensis YCXU with broad spectrum antifungal activity was isolated from a cucumber field infested with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum. The strain YCXU showed antagonism to a broad range of phyto-pathogenic fungi and bacteria as well as strain YCXU produced volatile organic compounds that could reduce the fungal growth up to 40% compared to control, concluding that it can be used as biocontrol agent. Because of little information about
more » ... e newly isolated strain, we further characterized the strain YCXU. The strain YCXU showed maximum growth on glucose containing yeast-malt extract (YME) medium at pH 7 and pink spores were produced after 7 days of incubation at 28°C. The strain YCXU exhibited nitrate reduction, melanin production, blood hemolysis, and casein, gelatin, starch, tyrosine, and hypoxanthine hydrolysis. This characterization will aid further research regarding the strains of S. goshikiensis.