1895 English Historical Review  
GUnptet of the French resolution: by Professor Mcmtagrm, S93 kmitSntmn (E.) BiSUOU d* Phutoirt d* VEgypU: by S. L&ne-Poole, 776 Andrews (E. B.) Th* hiitory of th* United Statts: by J. A. Doyle, 604 Aragon (Marquis d') Ltprinu Charltt d6 NaMtau-Sitgen [1784-1789]: by Principal Ward, LittD., 179 Aieher (T. A.) it Eingsford (C. L.) The Cnuadtt: by Professor Bury, LittD.,784 Ashley (W. J.) An introduction to Englith economic hutory and theory, i.2: by W. J. Corbett, 568 derivation: by the Bev.
more » ... ssor Skeat, Litt. D., 187 Neumann (C.) Die WeUsteUung da bytantinischen Seiches vor den KreuzriUjen: by Professor Bnry, Litt. D., 557 Nys (E.) Let origincs du droit international: by J. Westlake, T.T..TV, Q.C., 1H OOLE (A.) TJie marquis SArgenson: by Principal Ward, Litt. D., 388 Olaf Tryggwason (king), The saga of; translated by J. Sepbton: by Professor Ker, 782 Opel (J. 0.) Drr niedersdchsisch-d&nische Krieg, iii.: by Principal Ward, Litt. D., 371 Onlish (T F.) Early London theatres : by H. B. Wheatley, 397 Parisieiisis, Chariularium unircmtatis, iii.; edited by H. Denifle and E. Chate!ain: by the Bev. H. Bashdall, 56G Auetariwn cliarttUarii imwersitatis; edited by H. Denifle aud E. Chatelain: by tha Bev. H. Bashdall, 566 Pasqvier (Chancelier) Mitnoires, i. ii.; edited by the Doc d'Andiffret-Pasquier: by A. Hassall, 592 Pastor (L.) History of the popes from the dost of the middle ages; Engi. transL, edited by F. L Antrobns, 009 Patent rolls, Calendar of the, Edward 1L L [1307-13131: by A. G. Little, 362 -Edward m [1880-1834]: by Professor Tont, 150 Paulas (K.) Her Augustintr Bartho-lomSus Amoldi von Usingen, LuthersLehrermtdOegntr: by the Bev. J. P. Whitney, 573 Pepys (Samuel) Diary, ii-iv., edited by H. B. Wheatley: by Principal Ward, Litt. D., 169 Periodicals of 1894, Index to the, 817 PhOippson (M.) Ein Minitttrium vnter PhUipp II; Kardmal Qran-veUa am spanischen Soft [1579-1686] : by Major Hume, 577 Pollock (Sir P.) <& Maitland (P. W.) History of English law : by the right hon. Sir E. Fry, TiC.J., 7$0
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