Several little-known meteorological series from Basel, 1766-1802

Stefan Brönnimann, Yuri Brugnara, Lucas Pfister, S. Brönnimann
The meteorological series from Basel, reaching back to 1755, is one of the two long Swiss climate series. The data from 1755 to 1805 in this series are based on observations by D'Annone. Here we present additional series from Basel that cover almost the same period and thus allow an assessment of the D'Annone data and eventually a reassessment of a new Basel series. These series comprise measurements by Johann Heinrich Ryhiner (covering 1766-1772), Daniel Wolleb (1777-1785) and Abel Socin
more » ... 1802) in the city of Basel and by Ambrosius Bavier (1776-1790) in Waldenburg. An additional series from Werner de Lachenal (1766-1795) was imaged but was very incomplete and hard to digitise. Here we provide information on the locations, observers, and instruments (where available), as well as quality control procedures.
doi:10.48350/169265 fatcat:ipswkdvfcjabdkazlna4svmjcm