Infrared exponent for gluon and ghost propagation in Landau gauge QCD

Christoph Lerche, Lorenz von Smekal
2002 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
In the covariant description of confinement, one expects the ghost correlations to be infrared enhanced. Assuming ghost dominance, the long-range behavior of gluon and ghost correlations in Landau gauge QCD is determined by one exponent kappa. The gluon propagator is infrared finite (vanishing) for kappa =1/2 (kappa > 1/2) which is still under debate. Here, we study critical exponent and coupling for the infrared conformal behavior from the asymptotic form of the solutions to the
more » ... equations in an ultraviolet finite expansion scheme. The value for kappa is directly related to the ghost-gluon vertex. Assuming that it is regular in the infrared, one obtains kappa = 0.595. This value maximizes the critical coupling alpha_c(kappa), yielding alpha_c^max = (4 Pi/Nc) 0.709 approx. 2.97 for Nc=3. For larger kappa the vertex acquires an infrared singularity in the gluon momentum, smaller ones imply infrared singular ghost legs. Variations in alpha_c remain within 5% from kappa = 0.5 to 0.7. Above this range, alpha_c decreases more rapidly with alpha_c -> 0 as kappa -> 1 which sets the upper bound on kappa.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.65.125006 fatcat:33hicxjhs5f6re5dhebbydn3hm