Mean field and the confined single homopolymer

S. Pasquali, J.K. Percus
2009 Molecular Physics  
We develop a statistical model for a confined chain molecule based on a monomer grand canonical ensemble. The molecule is subject to an external chemical potential, a backbone interaction, and an attractive interaction between all monomers. Using a Gaussian variable formalism and a mean field approximation, we analytically derive a minimum principle from which we can obtain relevant physical quantities, such as the monomer density, and we explore the limit in which the chain is subject to a
more » ... t confinement. Through a numerical implementation of the minimization process we show how we can obtain density profiles in three dimensions for arbitraty potentials, and we test the limits of validity of the theory.
doi:10.1080/00268970902776740 fatcat:7zwcrgy4nbaunhhno54i5fgmem