Response of Cholesterol with Varying Glucose Concentration

Ingrid Nazareth, Sulaxana Vernekar, Rajendra Gad, Gourish Naik, Ph Scholar
2007 International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (An ISO   unpublished
The paper discusses the response of Cholesterol in the presence of other blood constituents like Salt, Glucose, Urea and Alanine. The response is measured in the 10-500 MHz range with varying Glucose from below normal to above normal. The study is intended to ascertain the influence of Glucose on Cholesterol measurement. An RF spectroscopic technique is used in the study for recording the responses. The study is done with a low cost Spectrum Analyzer and has been found to give consistent
more » ... e consistent results. A detailed cell design for attenuation mea surement is given and various grounding techniques are explained, for minimising external EM I disturbance.