Study of the PGSD'S Discipline Linearity in Fulfilling Education Manpower Resources in Basic School of Madinah Islamic School, South Jakarta City

Dede Hasanudin, Safrul
2021 Proceedings of the 1st Annual International Conference on Natural and Social Science Education (ICNSSE 2020)   unpublished
This study is based on the results of the analysis of observations carried out at the Madinah Islamic School in the sub-district of Tebet, South Jakarta. The results of the data observation found that there were still teachers who taught whose scientific qualifications were not graduates of the primary school teacher education study program. Many teachers with scientific qualifications are graduates from non-primary school teacher education. Meanwhile in elementary school a teacher is in
more » ... eacher is in accordance with the 2013 curriculum with a thematic system teaching, namely teaching by integrating two to three subject areas (PPkn, Mathematics, Science and Indonesian) in one face-to-face class. The objectives of this study were to: (1) determine the ability of teachers to carry out learning based on the 2013 Curriculum with the Thematic learning system, (2) identify the barriers to teaching teachers with thematic learning systems, and (3) provide recommendations to schools in recruitment (acceptance) teacher resources to pay attention to the scientific qualifications of teachers which are indeed elementary school study programs. The research method used is the method of observation by making direct visits to schools to obtain complete and accurate data about the human resources of elementary school teachers who teach at SD Madinah Islamic School which is located in Tebet District, South Jakarta. The results of this study indicate that of the total teaching staff at SD Madina Islamic School there are 9 people or 31% of the education staff who graduated from the Primary School Teacher Education Study Program from public and private universities. While the remaining 20 people or 69% of education personnel are not graduates of Elementary School Teacher Education. However, based on available data, teaching staff who are not graduates of the Primary School Teacher Education Study Program in carrying out the teaching and learning process are able to prepare a Learning Program Plan (RPP) every semester. In addition, when researchers make observations to the class to directly see the implementation of teaching staff, they are able to teach well. Recommendations from the results of this study are to submit the results of this research, especially to the management of the Foundation that manages the SD Madinah Islamic School, so that in the future they should consider as well as possible in the recruitment of elementary school teachers.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.210430.002 fatcat:36nr2ld63rddvcny7y6nnnnu24