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Oppoiite the Vea OPEN NM»T ANB BAT. The Beat of 9«atoa. FIFTY-SDCTH YEAR NANAIMO, VANCOUVER ISUND, BRIUSH COLUMBIA. WEDNESDAY. JULY 10. 1929. NUMBER 71. CREWUlSTBIG.JE^LOSION ROCKS COLLffiRY SUBSnMwin British submarine L-69 today dived in the vicinity of the stricken H-47 and tried to communicate with twenty-one men trapped within her, but without avail. The sunken craft lies in 330 feet of water. 23 Lom Uvm The total casualties of the collision reached 23 last night with the death of Arthur
more » ... death of Arthur Sampson, injured the L-12. Chief Signaller Bull of the L-12, reported missing, is believed dead. Only two members of the crew of Gardner, c id Tele. graphist Sydney Oebum were be lieved to have been hurled into the sea by the shock of the collision. The salvage fleet includes the bat tleship Rodney, from which diving ops Tilbury, Vivian and Thanet, mine sweepers, five submarine chasers, three lighters, two sea-going tugs and two flying boats. At the time of the disaster the H-47 was serving as a training ship and the composition of her crew was subject to continue! changes. In 1926 she col lided with the L-22 in the English Channel but no lives were lost. The submarine L-12 limped into >t 8 o'clock last night. -She will be overhauled to di extent of her damage. rOEiilECLEUIS JECISMlCIli decks lor definite action on the war debts. The oppoeiticm conthwed to oenvre and tried to ds«w the premier into debate -W'hafs the use?" sagwred th* pre mier. "Yon are going «o get a chance The chamber sidmf with M. Poin care so the big debate will open or Thursday on the text of the ratifica tion bills for the Mellon-Berger and Caillaux-Chnrchill debt accords. The discussion will open with majority in the chamber in favor of ratification but divid^ as to how h shall be done. The faithful elemenl in the premier's majority favors out and out approval of the settlements Sweduh Flier Hops OffiorGreeniM Reykjavik. Iceland, July lO.-Capt. Albin Ahrenberg, Swediih fSer, bop ped off from Reykjavik for Greentaiid this afternoon In continuation of fafat: delayed flight from Sweden to United Sutes. «LAY£K CONVICTED Chester, S.C, July 10.-Rafe King, 37, member of a vrealthy Shdi* by. N.C, family, was convicted of dering his wife, Faye Wilson Kiiig, bf a jury in Chester county cri ' ' court 1^ yesterday. 1T« vi ( You member?] (Pram dsi Cilimii ol *• Prsa hm rm, y«n a» tmr.y n ebmb Sierra Dapanmc .Bay lor a cargo U Wel-Diansowd Lodgt. Na L held e. •Hay last, the foaMrif bswher. weto iMSalsd as ntfkc Wsci to lbs ysw by Cm. Norris. D.IX an, assisted by A GaBsway. P.G, PjG:; J W •ad J. Hisrtoit. rX K.C.: U. ■««. V. G,; J I ■ J 1 TW work of the totwon Lmiy-rth mU EatteHtei b mtority tod the ■M we .mm be ready to tbs fto asw steri brite wbseh is te b. sfMted mr tbs Nuiwibo Biver. Tb* police were am tbr warptebl^ a^ wM each sMCto tb« d -------------Wtee captersd « a ga joto ia CUmmw* ato deb eerated ia tba Ĉ iwaM M m «it STAMP II SmOiT rULSINRECOn Port Albemi, July 10.-To one who has never seen salmon working their way up a river and over waterfalls, the sight which is now being presented by Nature at the Sproat FalU and the itamp FalU is sore to be ret It will be interesting to those con nected with the fishing industry, ai those interested in the salmon fishing and the preservation of these to note that according to the fishery officer, who is staying at Sproat Falls, that this is the largest run of sockeye sal mon which has ever gone up the river since the fishery 'department has had an officer stationed there. To show the great intprest, which U Uken in this tight by tourists, it is only necessary to state that yesterday the automobiles parked near the falU bore license plates from Alberta, Sas katchewan, Manitoba, Oregon, Wash ington. California. Idaho, New York and Ohio. The Stamp FalU. in SUmp River, which flows out of Great Central Lake presents a sight which is more inter esting than Sproat FalU, owing to the vahjme of water which is falKng down. 'The fish going up this are sockeye and steelhead. Fishery officers in^^rge at this fall state that the water is at a perfect level to aid the fiih coming up. with the result that whereat in other years there were dead .fish below the falls. .here are te nmtjl^-aSt il ls for them Here they are resting before attempt ing the (alb. while above the fatU the pools are also fifled with the fish that retting after their strenuoui fort in working tliSr way up the stream. BmPHITHIlITS MdCDlT CLOUT W. MoscarelK, of the Winnipeg Tri bune. retiring president, presided the sessions. 1 secretary-treasurer last year. St. Lomt, July KL-The Yankees made U three out of four from the Browns by shadiiig the home team 8 to 7, here yesterday for the ninth vic tory over the St. Louis team in eleven games thU season. The champions in creased their margin over the Browns two games and reduced the lead of the first-place Athletics to seven games as the Mackmen loat in Chicago. Babe Ruth hit his eighteenth home run. Detroit. July 10.-Washiogtoi de feated the Detroit Tigeri 2 to 1 in the final game of their series here. Brax-UMsbeid the local pivtn toiow m. Gm UwBsr Chicago. July la-The t mate k Owv. out of tos AtbMte kg taking *e I UHto Faber i.iibtbii Qaiaa. who wte AaM lor live mm ia tb. SL Letei CmBmIs Win Pbni«s»hii, Jair M^Jba Boa W, WM goH tor a fMr of (Ml ysteartor and ibi St Lote. Cardmate •d tba Ttmrn. 7 te 4. la tea to . Ha made Mi firri in tot foartb tbto to tbc taato afto CTDoirf't ha.* (or toe PbBa. bad ttod Ibe tber wbb two on. Tbo I Uni ■Mm. JatyUh-TbeMrateito over tbc Cbbt to toe tot toM tot _ jtoa. Into CaatuHl hrid tiM cube M livo Mm aH Boeiaa t cd he earite «Mi the CMeagoane. tow*to2. New York, >atr IB-The Ctoate thtor (oMtb stratobt frote toe Rods hr t so S here to atoM-MMtog 0>heu Ut a bcsn« (or toe Otonte, KeBy got too to Ctortonetl U. S. TBAINS CBABN Wtob. Jaly lE-Ctoc tyatoteto v kfltod tesd tesotoer Mttosdy bnri • MBM.teW|*iVhtor«i •te today-tto 1 IB-TVe Princa at
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