An Evaluation on the Radiation Shielding of the Radwaste Drum Assay Facility
방사성폐기물드럼 핵종재고량 평가시설 구축에 따른 방사선차폐 영향평가

Young-Yong Ji, Kyung-Kil Kwak, Dae-Seok Hong, Jong-Sik Shon
2012 Journal of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology  
In order to dispose of the LILW(low and intermediate level radioactive waste) stored at KAERI, the radwaste drum assay system will be introduced to evaluate the radioisotopes inventory of stored drums. At present, the construction project of the dedicated assay facility to operate it and carry out routine maintenance of that equipment has been conducting at the radwaste treatment facility. Since that facility will be constructed in front of a 1st radwaste storage facility as well as the
more » ... well as the radwaste drums to be assayed and the transmission source in the radwaste drum assay system are in that facility, they could act as the radioactive sources and then, would affect the dose rate at the inside and the outside of the facility. Therefore, the radiation shielding should be evaluated through the concrete wall near to the radioactive sources whether the wall thickness is sufficient against the regulations. In this study, the radiation safety for the concrete wall around the radiation controlled area in the radwaste drum assay facility was evaluated by the MCNP code. From the evaluation results, the thickness of those concrete walls which are under consideration of about 30 cm was enough to shield the radiation from the radioactive sources.
doi:10.7733/jkrws.2012.10.2.117 fatcat:vr4q3uxp6fd7lc3ut4xlnf7m7q