Analysis of the Prony Method Performance with Linear Vector-Scalar Antenna

Galina Glebova, Gennadii Zhbankov, Olga Maltseva, Elena Vinnik
2016 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
A modification of the Prony method which allows using this method for processing signals received by the vector-scalar antenna is proposed. The efficiency of the Prony method is considered when working with the various components of the acoustic field: a scalar, vector, and power flow components. Analysis of characteristics of the Prony method is done using computer modeling by averaging estimates of the parameters of the received signals on a set of random realizations. Computer modeling has
more » ... lowed more fully taking into account the energy, space-correlation and statistical characteristics of vector-scalar field of noise. The calculations are carried out for the conditions most close to reality when the antenna operates in the background of dynamic noise of sea. Presentation of results of the signal parameters estimation by the Prony method in the form of a histogram in the spatial domain has allowed to give a visual assessment of the characteristics of this method in the various components of the acoustic field and to increase its efficiency.