The Design and Implementation of the Surveillance and Control System for Photovoltaic Power Station

Jian Wang, Shu Ting Song, Yong Zhang, Feng Gao
2013 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
According to the characteristics of PV power station, how to present a new intelligent surveillance and control system of PV power station, which collects the operating parameters at real-time and control the running status of the PV power station through wireless networks and the Internet, to guarantee the security, stability and economic operation of grid-connected PV system, becomes a problem which electric power enterprises have to be solved urgently. Based on the analysis of several remote
more » ... monitoring technology projects which are general practical in PV system, the article designs a set of photovoltaic power plant monitoring system aimed at the security, stability of grid-connected PV system, which is described from the ideas of construction, software architecture, and development of hardware and so on.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:6tgqmudehjhzxozu7h6vlprwnq