AMPERE Newsletter. Issue 102 [article]

Guido [Hrsg.] Link
A new X-band continuous wave Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) cavity is presented, capable of simultaneous EPR measurement during high-power microwave irradiation. This new capability provides the opportunity to use a new chemical probe to unravel the complex mechanisms taking place in microwave driven chemical processes. Here we highlight recent work detailing the design and construction of the EPR probe for high power microwave processes and demonstrate the principle of rapid sample
more » ... ng by measuring the EPR trace of spin labelled micelles whilst being heated by microwaves [1]. The key concept of the design is the use of a cavity resonator allowing EPR detection (at 9.5 GHz) and sample heating (at 6.1 GHz). Figure 1: Magnetic (a, c, e) and electric (b, d, f) energy densities (H 2 and E 2 , respectively) of an elliptical cavity. The approximate resonant frequencies are shown for semi-major and semi-minor axes of a = 19.7mm and b = 17.8 mm. The H fields are in the plane of the page, whereas the E fields are perpendicular to the page. The dielectric heating mode TM 010 has an E-field antinode at the sample region. The EPR mode TM 110 , b has an H-field antinode at the sample region. Abstract Acceptance
doi:10.5445/ir/1000124240 fatcat:xkq4jmwh6ncdllqp4mtholim7e