Periodontitis and Diabetes- A Two Way Connection

Dr. Satya akhila
2014 IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  
Periodontal disease is an entity of localised infection that involves tooth supporting tissues, the structures that make up the periodontium. The disease being microbial in origin, the bacterial flora from the bio film invades the periodontal connective tissue and alveolar bone causing loosening of tooth. Diabetes being a metabolic disorder also has an inflammatory origin which brings a strong correlation between the two complex diseases. Both the diseases are chronic affecting large population
more » ... ng large population worldwide. It's been proposed that periodontitis may cause changes in systemic physiology. And a systemic disease like diabetes is considered to be a risk factor of periodontitis.The biological association between both the diseases are under extensive studies for many years The knowledge of the two pathologies explores the two way relationship between diabetes and periodontitis.This paper aimed at reviewing the relationship between periodontitis and diabetes, and the impact of periodontal treatment on the glycemic control in diabetes. Furthermore, the control of periodontal disease may enhance glycemic control which contributes to a better control of periodontal disease.
doi:10.9790/0853-13145861 fatcat:qazxat3uwrea3lbtodmtct5ndu