PB43 高性能LCDのためのインセル型偏光板の研究(液晶ディスプレイ,ポスター発表,2015年日本液晶学会討論会)
PB43 Fabrication of in-cell Polarizers for high-performance LCDs

R. Hashimoto, H. Niwa, Y. Iimura
2015 Preprints of symposium on liquid crystals  
Recently, "in-cell" technology has been attracting people's attention for improving LCD performance, in which optical components such as retardation films and/or polarizers are fabricated inside glass substrates. For the technology, the use of
doi:10.11538/ekitou.2015.0__pb43 fatcat:ukhw53nkzzhkrkcvixvyholreq