Multiple Time Series Perceptive Network for User Tag Suggestion in Online Innovation Community

Juan Tan, Xiaohui Gao, Qiong Tan, Hongwei Zhao
2021 IEEE Access  
User tag suggestion technique, aiming at learning users' preferences over knowledge products from their historical behaviors, plays an important role in generating personalized recommendation in online innovation community. However, most current user tagging solutions only utilize a single kind of behavior to predict a single tag for users, resulting in weak generalization of user profile. In this paper, we propose a multiple time series perceptive network (MTSPN) for user tagging tasks in
more » ... e innovation community. In particular, MTSPN takes multiple kinds of user behaviors into consideration for collaborative perception purpose, in which multi-scale sequential features are extracted from different sequential behaviors, and a multi-label classification module is built-in the proposed MTSPN model to predict multiple tags for users. Our encouraging experimental results on a real-world dataset collected from "Thingiverse" community validate the superiority of the our MTSPN model over several existing user tagging methods. INDEX TERMS User tag suggestion, multiple time series, perceptive network, online innovation community.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3058772 fatcat:cl5guj63rfckvpyyatoo2ct7em