Pharmacologyonline 2: 430-434 (2010) Newsletter Datta and Kulkami 430 EVALUATION OF FREE RADICAL SCAVENGING ACTIVITY OF Lycoperiscon esculentum FRUIT VARIETY IN ETHANOLIC FRACTION

Promita Datta, Mohan Kulkarni
Ethanolic fractions of Lycoperiscon esculentum fruit varieties namely S-22 and Samrudhi were evaluated for free radical scavenging property in four different assay model. Among the two local tomato varieties tested, S-22 fruit variety found superior over Samrudhi fruit variety possessing higher ability to scavenge DPPH. , NO. , OH. , O 2 .-in reaction mixture. The free radical scavenging property of both types of fruits is due to their polyphenolic content. It was observed that different
more » ... at different radical scavenging action of fruit extracts was directly related to their respective phenolic and flavonoid components. Total phenolic and flavonoid content in S-22 extract was found 29.13 and 33.03mg/g respectively. The S-22 extract also possessed more activity in ferric to ferrous transformation. Thus, tomato fruit could be considered as a cheap, easily available natural source of antioxidant.