Fatigue Analysis of Piston Rod Used In Aircraft Nose Landing Gear

Janardhan Hunusnale
Aircraft is one of the most complex engineering systems that have been developed. Failure of an aircraft structural component can have catastrophic consequences, with resultant loss of life and of the aircraft. The investigation of defects and failures in aircraft structures is, thus, of vital importance in preventing further incidents. In general, failures occur when a component or structure is no longer able to withstand the stresses imposed on it during operation. Fatigue cracking is the
more » ... cracking is the most common cause of structural failure in aircraft. Landing gears are hydraulically operated. A hydraulic actuating cylinder is one of the most important parts of aircraft landing gears. They play a critical role in landing systems, control surfaces, such as flaps, speed brakes, and ailerons, stabilizers. Hydraulic actuating cylinders are generally subjected to dynamical stress. The present study deals with design and fatigue analysis of one such component called piston rod end which forms a part of hydraulic system. The fatigue analysis of piston rod end which is mainly used in hydraulic cylinders of Aircraft landing gear system. It is mainly involved in the calculation about equivalent stresses of piston rod and fatigue life calculation of piston rod under the dynamic condition of stresses by using ANSYS software. In this mainly verified the fatigue life with different geometry diameter of the piston rod and different special process like shot peened method to verify the fatigue life. In this paper, the 3D model of Piston rod is used in Aircraft nose landing gear is modeled in PRO-E Creo2-CAD and imported into ANSYS software to perform static and dynamic analysis to analyze strength and Fatigue analysis of Piston rod used in Aircraft nose landing gear.