Regulation of currency counterfeiting or securities in the criminal law (comparative study: Moldovan legislation raported to the international one)

Anna Palniţchii
2020 Zenodo  
Committing the acts of forgery, or putting into circulation the false money signs, as well as other securities, brings to reach a social value that intersects the international community as a whole. The intensity with which the monetary forgeries have manifested throughout history has determined the taking of measures not only nationally but also internationally by the states that felt the real danger of such antisocial acts. In this article, both the positive aspects regarding the regulation
more » ... ng the regulation of currency counterfeits, as well as the substantial legislative deficiencies in several states are elucidated, under the prism of comparison with the provisions of the legislation in the field of the Republic of Moldova. And finally we come up with some proposals to achieve effective, proportionate, dissuasive norms.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4094947 fatcat:l33hrmfauvcxfkzaefmubz4gg4