Путилина Людмила Васильевна
2020 Балтийский гуманитарный журнал, № 1(30) 29.02.2020  
In the article, speech etiquette is considered in the context of the national original linguistic picture of the world of the Russian cultural community, recorded in Russian folk tales. Structural and substantive aspects of treatment formulas are studied on the basis of Russian folk tales collected and processed in the second half of the 19th century by A.N. Afanasyev. The texts of fairy tales are a reflection of the ethnically determined features of communication, which are determined by
more » ... traditions and value dominants of the people. In fairy tales, which are a unique product of folk art, not only various national realities are concentrated, but also nationally specific formulas of speech etiquette. In the ordinary sense, etiquette denotes the order of behavior, the observance of various norms and rules of courtesy accepted in society. Inversion formulas are usually used in dialogic speech; predominantly in contact communication. Based on a comprehensive analysis, it has been established that the etiquette statements used to establish and maintain contact carry information about the communicative situation, the relationships of communication participants, their social status and social roles. The variability of the treatment formulas that function in Russian folk tales characterizes both their formal side - the expression plan, and the substantive one, expressed in the implementation of contact-setting, social-regulatory, social-characterizing, emotional-modal, national-cultural functions of speech etiquette, as well as politeness.
doi:10.26140/bgz3-2020-0904-0079 fatcat:oz47xlx5tfdezeuiluq7kg3tbu