Mechanism of Conversion of the Salmonella O Antigen by Bacteriophage ε34

Andrew Wright
1971 Journal of Bacteriology  
The structural determinants for antigen 34 in the E group salmonella are glucosyl substituents on the galactosyl units of the 0 antigen which has a mannosylrhamnosylgalactose repeating sequence. The temperate bacteriophage C34 brings about the production of antigen 34. It has been shown here that glucose is transferred from uridine diphosphate glucose to the 0 antigen via a glucosyl-lipid intermediate in a two-step reaction. Glucose is linked through carbon 1 to the lipid by a phosphodiester
more » ... a phosphodiester bridge, the glucosyl bond having the ,B-anomeric configuration. The lipid is a C"-polyisoprenoid alcohol, each isoprene unit having one double bond. It is the same lipid which is involved in the synthesis of the 0 antigen repeating sequence. MATERIALS AND METHODS Bacteria and bacteriophages. Salmonella anatum strain I (Al) and its lysogenic derivatives Al C15, Al e, and Al e05 C4were obtained from P. W. Robbins. Al e" single lysogens were isolated by the method of Uetake 927 on May 9, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jb.105.3.927-936.1971 fatcat:vtmbzqk7zjbcxk6b4xkt6f3dfe