Pengembangan Model Blood Mobile Collection Routing Problem (BMCRP) pada Proses Pengumpulan Darah

Titi Iswari, Fran Setiawan, Carles Sitompul
2018 Jurnal Rekayasa Sistem Industri  
<p>This research develop a model of blood mobile collection using blood donor vehicle efficiently by determining the optimal route of blood collection to the points of blood collection. The model developed in the form of mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) and this model is called Blood Mobile Collection Routing Problem (BMCRP). The purpose of this model is to minimize the total distance of the blood collection routing process in which each place of blood collection has the opening
more » ... and the closing time (time windows) and the service time in each place. This study considers the blood age (spoilage time) for 6 hours to ensure blood quality. The mathematical model is then verified to determine whether the solution is in accordance with the characteristics of BMCRP. Verification is done by solving Blood Mobile Collection Routing small cases. The simulation of solving BMCRP is done by generating eight hypothetical data sets of small cases based on vehicle routing data problems with different characteristics. Verification of BMCRP uses LINGO software. From the simulation results, the BMCRP model can obtain optimal solutions with minimum total distance travelled and does not violate any constraints on BMCRP.</p>
doi:10.26593/jrsi.v7i2.2769.65-72 fatcat:xlioet2edrdndmqylnyzy2nkwq