The Determination of the Physicochemical, Functional , Structural Properties of Yellow Pea Starch

Suman Rai et al., Suman Rai et al.,
2019 International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research  
The purpose of this study was to estimate the physicochemical, functional and structural characteristics of starch powder extracted from yellow pea (Pisumsativum L.)by wet-milling process. The yellow pea starch contained about 9.40% moisture, 0.03% fat, 0.85% ash, 62.65% amylose and 0.914 g/ ml bulk density. The water solubility and swelling power began to increase from 7.6% and 5.5 g/g at70°C and reached 28 % and 18.1 g/g at 95°C, respectively. Scanning image of starch was displayed mostly
more » ... , irregular and some spherical shaped granules at 500x and 1000x magnification with 20 µm mean diameters. Yellow pea starch exhibited diffraction peak at 4.8°, 14.96º, 16.90º, 17.2º, 23.02º, 34.04º and 47.38º 2θ which is possess the C-type crystalline structure. The IR spectra of yellow pea starch exhibited Methylene peaks at 2928.32 cm -1 and amide peaks at 3212.04 cm -1 in functional group region. This paper focuses on physicochemical, functional & structural properties of pea starch, leading towards the future application of starch as a functional component in the food sector.
doi:10.24247/ijasrapr20199 fatcat:oenrmk7msnbc3hcnvmwmeo7i2u